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ASCS Athletics Philosophy 
Athletics are a fundamental part of the overall educational experience at All Saints Catholic School. The Athletic program strives to teach the students physical and mental skills, leadership, self-discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork while motivating athletes to strive for excellence. A major part of Athletics and playing on a team is COMMITMENT. regular attendance at all practices and games is expected.

Competitive Teams
ASCS competes in the St. Sebastian Athletic League in the Fall, Winter, Spring seasons.  Teams include basketball, track and field and cross country. Competition levels vary by team and program, with many teams competing against other schools. While some teams are more competitive for seventh and eighth grade others are more developmental for fifth and sixth graders. 


Cheerleading  - Grades 2-5 ; practice 1x per week

Cross Country - Grades 5-8; practice 1x per week, meets are on Sunday's usually - 3-4 meets including championship meet


Boys and Girls Basketball - Grades 5-8; practice 2x per week, 10 games each team. Practices during the week. Games HOME/AWAY


Track and Field - practice 1x per week, meets - 3-4 meets away - weekday/weekend meets

St. Sebastian Athletic League

Karen Cella

Karen Cella

Athletic Director