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Dear Student Parents and Mentors:
I welcome you to the STEM CLASS where all students are special and valued! Take a look at the STEM curricular summary for PreK4-Grade 8 students.

Learn Engineering...Because dreams need doing!

What does an engineer do? If you’re having trouble coming up with an

answer, you aren’t alone. In a study of K-12 graders, the majority believed

engineers build buildings and fix cars; 10% of the students confused

engineers with train operators and  our economy, national security, and quality

of life depend on engineers, so it is disturbing to see how few Americans,

particularly young people, understand the importance and excitement of

engineering.” (National US Engineering Association President)

PreK 4 to grade 8 students will continue to learn to integrate science,technology, engineering, and mathematics skills in science/STEM classes with Mr. Cook and Mrs. Mulligan. The Engineering Design Process is a series of STEM steps which engineering teams of students will utilize to solve problems. Students practice the process according to their grade level to experience critical thinking, collaboration, communication both writing and presenting, and creativity. 
PreK 4 students will start class in October and will predict and measure their heights with nonstandard tissue boxes.

Grades k-2 students will begin the year by building the tallest tower possible given tape, 20 strands of spaghetti, and a marshmallow.

Grades 3-8 students will create a parachute which will virtually be able to drop a cargo on Mars; students will follow the design process to produce a parachute which will create the most drag (slow decent) and be the most inexpensive.

Grade 8 students will also create individual Capstone Projects                                                                                      which will be evaluated for their final exam grade.
All students are asked to do their best as performance will serve as the main criteria of assessing grade.

                                          John Cook, ASCS Science and STEM Teacher,
Connecticut  Science Teachers Association (CSTA Diocesan Director