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All Saints Catholic School Launches Student Advisory Program

All Saints Catholic School is excited to announce the launch of a Student Advisory Program for our middle school students. This program will serve as one more way for us to promote a personalized learning environment as well as a culture of connectedness.

How will this Student Advisory Program work? To start, each student will be assigned a teacher who will serve as their advisor for the three years they are in middle school. Each advisor will work with approximately ten students. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will be grouped together. This multi-grade grouping will facilitate a smoother transition to the middle school and eliminate the social pressure students sometimes experience when paired with only grade-level peers. Advisory groups will meet throughout the school year, alternating academic goal setting sessions with activities designed to facilitate social and emotional learning.

During the academic advisory sessions, advisors will help each student generate two SMART goals in the areas of reading, writing, math, and/or executive functioning. These goals will be generated using data from standardized assessments, such as the STAR tests, as well as data provided by classroom teachers, such as writing samples. In addition, each teacher who teaches middle school will have access to each student’s goals, so teachers can then follow up during class time, providing students with tools and feedback to help them achieve their individual goals.

The other advisory sessions will focus on social emotional learning goals rather than academic goals. These sessions will provide the opportunity for students to develop self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship building, and responsible decision making. The connections students will develop both with their caring teacher advisor and with their peers will allow each child to discover his or her unique qualities and gifts while also highlighting what the members of the group have in common, so that each student can feel he or she fits in.

All in all, this Student Advisory Program is an important step in fostering a caring, Christian environment where each student’s needs are prioritized, and each student feels cared for and connected throughout their critical middle school years.

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