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FAQ: Back to School

What is the mask requirement for students?

Students in K-8 are required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained. Students will have “mask breaks” throughout the day. We encourage our students to have fun with their masks; "the cuter the better," but the pattern and images should be school appropriate.


Pre-K students are not required to wear masks during class time.Preschool students are however required to at least wear a mask to and from school and when social distancing is not possible. Special accommodations will be made for students in our preschool program and will be adjusted as necessary. In Preschool, the relative impact of physical distancing among children is likely small based on current evidence and certainly difficult to implement. Therefore, Preschool teachers will focus on more effective risk mitigation strategies for this population. These include hand hygiene, infection prevention education for staff and families, adult physical distancing from one another, adults wearing face coverings, cohorting, and spending time outdoors. (AAP, 2020)


Is ASCS considering a “hybrid” (half in/half out) option? 

Not at this time. We are planning for 5-day, in-person instruction. If there is a closure mandate, our enhanced Distance Learning Program will be implemented immediately for 100% of our students. 


Does ASCS have enough room for everyone?

Yes! We are blessed with large classrooms and a 5-acre campus. We are setting up our classrooms and desks based on the guidelines from the Diocese of Bridgeport, and our teachers are encouraged to use our many outdoors areas for instruction when possible.


What are the guidelines for Distance Learning, if that becomes necessary?

Please refer to the July 9th Reopening Plan from the Diocese of Bridgeport to review Distance Learning guidelines and expectations by grade level. 

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