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Distance Learning Updates


Thursday, March 12, 2020, our physical school building will be closed and students will remain at home so that we can run a distance learning drill. Your child's teacher will be in contact with details of assigments. 
Our school is cleaned and sanitized nightly by our cleaning service. We remind the children throughout the day to wash their hands and provide sanitizer in every classroom.  Please remember to call the school office to report your child's absence. If your child is sick, PLEASE keep him/her home! A child must be fever free for 24 hours in order to return to school.  A child must have gone 24 hours without vomiting in order to return to school.
If you are called by school personnel to come to pick up your child who is ill, PLEASE pick them up within 30 minutes of the call. This includes the students who attend the after school  program. Please put a plan in place for pick up under these circumstances.

In case of the inevitable and we are forced to close due to the Coronavirus, All Saints Catholic School has a plan in place so that your child's education will not be compromised.  Grades 3-8 will receive and submit assignments through Google Classroom and grades K-2 will receive assignments directly from the classroom teachers via email.  All parents should check their email throughout the day as well as visit the teachers' websites and the school website for additional information.
Dear Parents,
While we continue to review information from the CDC, the Connecticut State Department of Public Health and the health departments of the local townships in which our schools are located, we understand that you may have questions about the virus and its potential impact on your child’s health and education. In an effort to provide information, we have established a special page on our diocesan schools website to house information and bulletins that may be helpful to you. This page can be found at
Each of our school principals is working to ensure a safe and healthy environment and have been asked to increase cleaning and disinfecting protocols. They are also promoting healthy hygiene practices, encouraging hand washing, monitoring absenteeism, and communicating routinely with local officials and the Diocese. Also, while international travel is being suspended, canceled or postponed, all local field trips are being reviewed for risk and decisions are being made on a case by case basis.
As far as school closures, we will make decisions on a school by school basis in collaboration with, and based on the recommendations of, local and state health officials. In the meantime, we have provided principals with several options for teaching/learning plans to minimize disruption of the educationalprocess. Given the complexities of a school system of more than 7000 students in  ver 20 schools that run from Bridgeport to Greenwich to Danbury, we have asked school leaders to choose a plan, whether it be high tech, low tech, or some combination, that best suits the needs of their community and to prepare for possible implementation.
Let us continue ask God’s blessings on all those made ill by the Coronavirus, those caring for them and those working to end its spread. May Our Lady watch over them and our entire school community.
Steven F. Cheeseman
Superintendent of Schools
Dear Parents,
A recent letter from my office requires a clarification on the policy that was shared. The policy should have stated:
Effective March 2, 2020…
All students and personnel returning from international travel to a country identified by the CDC as a Level 3 Health Risk are required to get written medical clearance from their physician before returning to school. The written letter of clearance should indicate that no symptoms of infection by the Coronavirus are present and that they (or their parent) have been informed of possible symptoms that could present themselves.
The list of countries can be found at and currently includes China, South Korea, Italy and Iran.
I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that my earlier letter may have created.
Steven F. Cheeseman
Superintendent of Schools
Dear Parents and Guardians,
We all have seen the rising concern surrounding the current outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). While the risk for transmission of COVID-19 at this time remains low, the Diocese of Bridgeport is taking the COVID-19 issue very seriously. I am writing to assure you that our schools are working in close collaboration with their local school health officials to take appropriate steps to reduce the risks to our community.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working hard to learn as much as possible about this new strand of the coronavirus so that we can better understand how it spreads and its associated illness. There are a small number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. and none in the State of Connecticut to date. We will continue to keep up with the information that is being provided by the CDC as well as state and local health departments.
In the meantime, the Office of the Superintendent has been making policy changes regarding travel outside of the United States. A policy modification went into effect on January 29, 2020 which stated anyone returning from mainland China from this point forward will not be permitted to return to their school for 14 days after re-entry.
Furthermore, effective March 2, 2020 for students and school personnel returning from international travel, the following policy change takes effect for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Bridgeport:
All students and school personnel returning from international travel are required to get written medical clearance from their physician before returning to school. This written medical clearance letter, signed and stamped by a licensed physician, must be submitted to the school administration.
In addition, out of an abundance of caution, all previously planned and approved school sponsored trips outside of the United States are to be reviewed and reauthorized by the Office of the Superintendent and may be subject to cancellation. No additional school sponsored trips outside of the United States should be planned until further notice.
In the event that a case of the Coronavirus is identified in Connecticut, we may take additional steps.
As always, we encourage all our school families of students, staff and faculty to continue to practice good hygiene and healthy practices such as:
 Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or sleeve
 Wash your hands regularly
 Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
 Avoid close contact with people who are sick
 Get your flu shot – it’s never too late
 Stay home if you’re feeling sick. If you’ve had a fever, stay home until you are fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.
We understand that keeping your child home when he/she is ill may be an inconvenience, however it not only prevents the spread of illness in the school community but allows your child an opportunity to rest and recover.
We will continue to provide updates as we learn new information. Please contact your school nurse with any questions or concerns. You may also visit the CDC website at
May God bless those whose lives have been touched by illness and those who work every day to find treatments and cures.
And may Our Lady shower our community with the blessings of Her protection.
Steven F. Cheeseman
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