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Tuesday with a Teacher

While we are officially welcoming Mr. Xavier Guzman to our All Saints family with this introduction, he has been part of our family as a parent, a volunteer and Robotics Team leader for many years before joining our faculty full-time this year. 

"My name is Xavier Guzman, I started as a volunteer at All Saints with the First Lego Robotics team three years ago,  and now I am the teacher for Middle School Science.

I was born in the coastal city of Guayaquil, in Ecuador, and from my early years, I was always a curious kid, trying to find out how things worked or invent things. I studied at La Salle School and graduated in 1986, then continued on to the Polytechnical University for my Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communications. I worked for multinational companies, like Radio Shack, Computer’s Line, and Xerox. I got my Master’s  Degree in Business in 1995 and joined one of Ecuador’s airlines as a budget Analyst. I moved to Connecticut in 1999 with my wife and my two daughters. Our blessed son was born in 2007 and he is the little baby brother for my two daughters. We also love pugs, Max was our first who shared with us for 13 years, and Frankie is our second Pug who is the best Pug a family can ask for.

During my student years and professional years, I had the opportunity to tutor students in math, physics and statistics. As a professional, I also had the opportunity to be a part-time professor in Computer Science and Applied Statistics to Tourism. I love to learn but I also love to share information by teaching or talking to people, which made me think about being a teacher when I retired, however, sometimes opportunities come to you and I decide to give back to the community and the school.

I love to do things; my wife calls me the “little working ant” because I am always doing something around the house or learning something new. I am a believer in STEAM, and I like to learn by doing, by experimenting, because it opens our mind to creativity, critical thinking and be able to generate new ideas, and I am using this approach in class, providing students the opportunity to have labs, do research and learn by having fun.

I also love to travel, learn about new cultures, learn about the history and read books. One of my favorite quotes and piece of advice I always give to my daughters and son is: "When you feel weak, remember that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind and your heart into it."

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