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Secondary School Placement


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All Saints Catholic School graduates go on to attend private and public high schools all across Fairfield County, where they are consistently ranked among the top students in their classes, and are leaders in and outside of the classrooms. Following is a list of some of the high schools our alumni currently attend. 

We always feel blessed when a student from All Saints attends Notre Dame.  Students from All Saints are always well prepared academically for the rigor of high school.  In addition, they enrich Notre Dame by their involvement in our performing arts and athletic programs as well as the service opportunities they take advantage of.  We also have amazing parents from All Saints who share their time and talents with us. From my perspective, the families at All Saints leave one great family to join another! -Dr. Chris Cipriano, Principal, Notre Dame April 2022

high schools

"Graduates from All Saints Catholic School are exceptionally prepared for success in high school. Their academic achievement can be attributed to the rigor of their coursework in preparation for higher education. Furthermore, their time management skills are developed and honed as they balance projects, exams and independent work. The school community at ASCS promotes student confidence and self-advocacy; graduates take pride in their own academic growth and eagerly support their peers as they strive for excellence." -Jessica Costa, St. Joseph High School, January 2020