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Learning Academy

The Learning Academy  offers a personalized educational experience that addresses students with identified needs.

All Saints Catholic School houses the only program in the Diocese of Bridgeport, at the elementary school level, which specifically provides for students with individual educational plans.

We offer targeted instruction to these students in their identified areas of need while encouraging opportunities for inclusion and social development. The program helps develop self-esteem, confidence and basic academic skills, with a goal of returning students to the mainstream classroom.

The program uses a resource classroom where a special education program is delivered to students with a learning difficulties. It is for those students who belong to a regular class but need some special instructions in an individualized or small group setting for a portion of the day. The classroom is staffed with a full- time, certified special education teacher. 

The program uses a combination of pull-out (individual and small group instruction) and push-in teaching models as well as ongoing collaboration with regular education teachers to provide the best instruction possible for these students through modification (content, curriculum, assessment) and instructional support.

Some students serviced by this program also get additional support through other programs offered at All Saints Catholic School such as remedial subject area instruction (Math or Reading) or Speech and Language programs. The special instruction teachers often collaborate in order to best serve the needs of this group of students.

Would you like more information about this preschool program?  Request information here from our Admissions team. Our admissions office in Norwalk, CT would be happy to schedule a tour and discuss the curriculum of our Catholic academy!