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Engineers For Tomorrow

Students in the upper school will be introduced to this new program in the Fall of 2023 using  curriculum developed by MIT Education for Middle School STEM programs.

Engineers use their knowledge and skills to solve problems and create solutions that meet human needs and improve our quality of life.Engineering is a hands-on field, and middle school students will be more engaged if they can participate in hands-on activities.

Engineering is a fascinating field that can inspire and engage middle school students in many ways. The class will help students to develop their critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, logical thinking, and will provide hands-on in different areas for students to expand their STEAM ideas and concepts. The engineering class will be a complement for Math and Science.

This class will be taught by Xavier Guzman. Mr. Guzman is an electrical engineer with a major in Telecommunications and Electronics/Digital Systems from the Polytechnical University in Guayaquil Ecuador. He has certificates in Computer Science and networking from Microsoft, Cisco, Polytechnic University, a certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management on Applied Artificial Intelligence, a certificate in Python language from Rice University, as well as 30 years professional experience working in IT industries and Services.