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All Saints Catholic School offers a structured, disciplined approach to education and a strong curriculum of core courses.
In addition to our individual classroom teachers, All Saints Catholic School has a faculty of specialists whose areas include: Foreign Language, Science, Art, Music, and Technology. Each student receives instruction in Spanish, Art, Music and Technology beginning in Preschool.


With a curriculum tailor designed to meet the needs of our students, we're able to foster a joy of learning, along with giving our students the resources they need to succeed in and outside the classroom.

To learn more about our curriculum or the benefits of a Catholic education at ASCS, please feel free to contact us today! Our Catholic school is proud to welcome students (pre-k to 8th grade) in Norwalk, CT and the surrounding areas.



We strive to create a curriculum which provides for the growth of wholeness in each student, and the guidance to assist in their development as total persons: morally, spiritually, intellectually physically and socially.

Personalized Learning

One of the major innovations that we have embraced in our educational mission is the use of “personalized blended learning.” Simply put, this model blends traditional classroom instruction with an online diagnostic set of tools that allow teachers to understand the mechanics of how each student learns (personalized approach), allowing the teacher to give direct assistance in those areas that a student may find challenging, all the while allowing the same student to excel in areas that he or she can understand easily.
Students learn through multiple instructional strategies, blending traditional teacher-led instruction, peer collaboration, and individual learning to help each student realize their maximum potential.
Flexible instructional models allow teachers to spend more time working with your child individually and in small groups while students spend part of their time learning individually, in groups, and with digital learning platforms. Through this model your child is constantly learning and getting the individualized attention they deserve.


Test Scores

Our students have consistently scored above the National average on standardized tests, and our middle school graduates are accepted at many of the area high schools including St. Joseph’s High School, Notre Dame, Fairfield Prep, Lauralton Hall, St. Luke’s and many other private and public schools.
Click here to see the Diocese of Bridgeport Curriculum Maps for all subject areas, and how they compare to Connecticut and National Standards.